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  1. Vadim Shapoval

    Have we seen the beginning of a universal cancer vaccine? Scientists conclude that the nanoparticle vaccine may potentially qualify as a universal vaccine for cancer immunotherapy. Scientists say they have made progress, but more breakthroughs are needed. The Father of Oncology concludes that scientists love money; cancers love iron. Genes involved in iron metabolism include different cancer genes (iron-overloaded genes) and anti-cancer genes (iron-deficiency genes). Unfortunately, our own immune system cannot recognize cancerous (iron-overloaded, iron-rich, iron-saturated) cells. The Father of Oncology says primary tumors always develop at body sites of excessive iron deposits; such deposits can be inherited or acquired. Cancerous tumors are made up of iron-overloaded cells growing in an anarchic fashion. Cancers occur when cellular iron overload chaotically affects cellular molecules and organelles (RNA, DNA, chromosomes, mitochondria, lysosomes, etc). Cancer is a disease of iron-overloaded (iron-saturated, iron-rich) cells. Millions of cancer patients are needlessly dying every year because scientific iron/cancer information is largely ignored. Direct intratumoral injections of iron-deficiency substances (ceramic needles) are needed when tumors/metastases cannot be removed with surgery (ceramic blades). Personalized iron-deficiency methods (special diets, blood donations) can neutralize micro-metastases in hospitalized patients.

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