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  1. Corscaria

    No, Big Dog is not for replacing soldiers. Big Dog is a pack mule for terrain unsuitable for wheeled vehicles. And Big Dog is a decade old failure, because they just couldn’t get it to not be noisy. Far more impressive than Big Dog is the large number of Japanese medical robots which are supplementing Japans nursing industry. They are responsible for for lifting, moving, and turning bedridden patients. Though I believe a subclass of robots called exosuits are the most impressive period. exosuits are made so far for 3 purposes, assisting weakened and disabled persons in doing ordinary tasks such as walking (Japan), carrying large loads in a business environment (aka turning a human into a forklift) (Japan), and as military equipment (USA) capable of carrying large loads (such as gatling guns)) and punching through steel plated armor. The military version is much faster and agile than the medical and business exosuits, but is not yet capable of running off batteries for the length of a very short mission.

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