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  1. Scott Walker

    The new plan of fixing prices with the amount of data consumed is good in my opinion as you only pay for what you use instead of paying a lot for unlimited connections. I myself use a Bucket of 10 GB. I stream around, watch videos, even download torrents. Even then I hardly finish my 10 GB bucket and if I do, I can simply add a GB in $1.5. Good, isnt it?? Good post. !!

  2. Karl Martin

    1 GB for $50 worth to pay if and only if the internet connection is efficient , fast and reliable enough to download heavy files online. But i doubt if it gives this much quality that a certain person is looking for. The tips that I can say for future guys who want’s to apply to a certain internet providers one must gather information’s with regards to the ISP’s near in your location, consider pros and cons, service and discount offers and how efficient and reliable they are, of course its security against hackers.Weigh things out and in such a way you will be able to enjoy a low cost effective yet reliable site you longed to have. 🙂 [ shop broadband internet providers (dot) com ]

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