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  1. mohammed abdel-hakam sediq

    Hello ladies and gentlemen,
    I am Mr. Mohammed Abdel-Hakam sediq of Egypt, in fact, I love science and I have ideas of good scientific and I’m currently working on the research is very important is to find an effective way to eliminate rot disease White onions and garlic through the biological control of the fungus that causes the disease is (Sclerotium Cepivorum Berk And was able to isolate a group of soil fungi and now seek to isolate the pathogenic fungus specifically for intensive testing Using the micro-organisms Micro – organisms have the ability to contrast with the causative organism by direct parasitism or the secretion of toxic substances has a lethal or materials analyst for the cells or by competition with him on the carbohydrates and oxygen. Ways better than traditional methods that have been applied to local and international level also But I suffer from the lack of possibilities I have no laboratory or money was absolutely certain if I have had these possibilities came across the positive results in a short time thanks to God and my determination to serve the environment and human resources.
    I want you to help me and support me so that I would bring my dream, which will increase the productivity of a high yield of onions increased after the eradication of the disease, which causes damage to 42% of the total cultivated area, especially here in Egypt.I hope you can help I am poor but ihave a dream I just want a convenient place to hold my experiences and I want my research lab, or better to go to you in the form of a scholarship or mission

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