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  1. Brandon W.

    This article is great because Nickel Iron batteries are finally getting the attention they deserve. I think there is a good battery for each specific application, so I am confident in saying that lead acid is not the best fit for a lot of current applications.

    A couple years ago, I started up Iron Edison, a company based around designing Nickel Iron battery backup systems for off-grid and residential applications. Today, Iron Edison has Nickel Iron battery systems functioning from Coast to Coast.

    • Nickel Iron features up to 85% available capacity, so you can draw the battery all the way down without any damage.
    • The plates in the battery do not degrade over time. The charge reaction is perfectly reversible, so there is no sulphation.
    • Expected life of 20+ years, with older examples still working well.
    • After 7-10 years, you can refresh the liquid electrolyte and renew the battery’s original capacity.

    I have Nickel Iron (NiFe) batteries available right now! These traditional flooded alkaline cells use the same Nickel and Iron plates to store huge amounts of energy. Today’s Nickel Iron batteries are some of the most resilient on the market, and can withstand wide temperature ranges and deep discharge with no problems.

    I would invite you to learn more about Nickel Iron (NiFe) battery technology online at

    Search IRON EDISON and you can find me on Twitter and Facebook, we have tons of project photos online. Please give me a call if you want to talk about the Nickel Iron batteries.


    Brandon Williams
    Iron Edison Battery CEO

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