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  1. Teame Zazzu


    discussion of Spy Blimps systems needs to address the SOFTWARE


    rather then focus on the camera sensor or delivery package exclusively.

    To that end,

    ARGUS, GORGON STARE, KESTREL, (cameras capable of watching cities down

    to the person 36 sq miles at a time etc.) all appear to synthesize into


    Persistics software and “Pursuer Viewer”.

    This means a 10gigapixel single drone (persistent reaper 2-day or

    blimp) feed capable of recording and making searchable an entire

    downtown center. “Like google earth, only live and with Tevo.”….BUT in USA airspace…and armed with missle-drones.

    DHS appears to be attempting

    to integrate Wide-Area-Persistent-Surveillance and Persistics with systems like “Tentacle” to

    coordinate handoff of tracked individuals from WAPS (exteriors) to

    tracking individuals inside buildings (interiors), thereby circumventing the

    line-of-sight limitations of UAVs in civilian domestic airspace. Analysts

    working at ground stations will interact with the transmitted airborne

    video data. For example, Persistics has been integrated into the Air

    Force Research Laboratory–developed Pursuer viewer to allow analysts to pan, zoom, rewind, query, and overlay maps and other metadata. Queries include triangulation of gunfire, speed, tracking of ALL cars and people and activity recognition such as coordinated movement, brush-pass and dead-drop capabilities a as well as. Local police (PA, etc.) have already used this data to identify crimes is US cities possibly as early as 2006. search: persistent surveillance

    or watch “Wide Area Airborn Surveillance: Opportunities and Challenges – Gerard Medioni” on youtube for a look at the dragnet surveillance

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